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Visualisation & Virtual Reality (VR)

Increasingly, our client's expect their projects to come to life at an early stage and we don't disappoint!


With a wealth of experience in the latest technology, we are adept at producing visuals, fly-throughs and VR experiences that make the design process so much more rewarding  - whether used as part of a planning submission, sales strategy or simply to show how the 2D drawings translate to reality, we are proud to offer visualisations and VR as part of our core architectural services.


This animation has been taken from a VR model used at the master-plan stage for one of our rural housing developments. Simple in nature, but rich in context, it allows the client to stand anywhere on site and get a feel for the spaces created and see what the views would be from around the development. This provides for an enhanced experience and improved design dialogue.

As the scheme progresses and houses and plots are designed in more detail, clients and end-users can experience specific views from roads, footpaths, gardens and even specific windows, whilst we are able to make real-time changes as they move around the model.

Visualisation can be a powerful tool to demonstrate how a site works, producing images that convey information simply, succinctly and powerfully to a wide audience.


From the get-go you can successfully show the relationship between new and existing; public and private; landscaping, massing and road layouts - all very useful for demonstrating how a development is laid out - whether that be at concept, planning or design development stages. Not to mention a great way to show prospective buyers around your fantastic new development, even before a single house is built!

Colour, light and texture give vibrancy to an image - this is particularly true when considering sales material.

Coloured aerials serve to provide great place-making images as well as way-find individual plots, which can then be visualised in detail for sales and marketing purposes.

If that isn't enough, capturing interior views ensures prospective buyers not only get to see how the outside looks, but they get to experience the inside too!